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Dear Sydney, Thank you. We've been gifted a lot of things over the past few years as a band but this is something truly special and humbling. We're so incredibly touched by your words and so proud to have you with us. Not as a fan, but a likeminded peer and an artist. I don't know much about you. Only from our brief conversation after the show in Pueblo and in your writing, but I LOVE who you are. I understand you and feel understood by you. You're brilliant, inspiring, wise and I have no doubt you will absolutely thrive in this life. Hopefully in some public field, where we can watch as spectators and admirers of your work. I searched your name on every social media platform to try and get in touch directly, but I couldn't find you. If you read this, please please reach out. And we hope you feel inspired to share this piece with others as well. Cause it's REALLY good. -Josh