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We've just signed with @johnvarvatos and @republicrecords. We feel incredibly humbled to have an opportunity like this and so fortunate that we get to continue living out the only childhood fantasy we've ever had. Only now we have the most unbelievable team of people behind us helping to make it as big and loud as possible. Thank you all for sticking with us and believing in what we do. This band has been such a wild ride for us and it's so weird to think its only just begun. We plan to ride this wave until it violently throws us off, and after that, we'll swim. Throughout all of it, we promise to always be honest and genuine. To our music, to ourselves, and to you. We've spent the last few months cooped up in a garage making a record and we'll be releasing music and touring later in the year. Catch us on the road in September supporting @billytalentband Head to our Facebook for dates and tickets!